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We are working to launch new and exciting ministries to support our communities, local government and eduction to build Christian focused and healthy support programs.   Watch for more information at SRCOF Facebook.

Children Church- is to offer the complete experience of church by developing faith in children and teens by depositing the Word of God in creative ways that would encourages them to make right decisions based on biblical principles.
A. Jackson, M. Washington & E. Torrian – Jr. Deacons

Music & Performing Arts  
* NEW PROGRAM – More Info Coming Soon!
God-honoring worship is something we strive for.
A. Jackson, N. Joyeux

Solid Rock Cathedral of Faith Church is thrilled to be part of sharing the Good News of God’s kingdom. We are active in hosting revivals, conferences, life coaching meet-ups and supporting missions that make a difference in lives of many.
Staff: Minister S.  Washington

Nursing Home
We provide spiritual care not only for those who reside in care centers but also for those who are employed by the facilities.
Staff: Sr. Chaplain K. Baldwin 

Food Drives
Food Drives- is an event that is held to collect canned and boxed foods to feed the hungry within our community.

Membership Support
Ministry member support helps to encourage every member to achieve their highest goals in Christ with encouraging words and in reach support.
Staff: Sis. K. Joyeux
Sis. D. Diggs

Ministry Support – Bishop and Pastor Office
Team helps, assists, and gives strength and support to pastoral leadership, delegates, visiting ministers, and the vision and mission of the Church. Either Adjutant or Ministry Support.
Staff: Sis. K.Monero

Sis. G. Pemberton 

AV / Sound Ministry – Positions Open 
The AV Ministry is responsible for capturing photos, videos and audio elements of SRCOF’s activities.
Staff: Bro. D. Monero

We have developed a host of ministry programs that are supported by our Ministers, Deacons, Chaplains and Church Mother Board.
Deacon Abb Washington, Jr, Head Deaconess D. Kizer,
Deaconess in Training, P. Torrian 

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