Our Ministries

Jesus told us, his disciples, to make disciples of all nations. One of the most important values of Solid Rock Cathedral of Faith Church is our mission to the world. It begins in our own community, and spreads overseas to every nation. Solid Rock Cathedral of Faith Church ministries are involved in a variety of ministries from things as simple a sharing a meal with someone in need, to working with other churches to promote events, conferences and special programs.

Solid Rock Cathedral of Faith Church is thrilled to be part of sharing the Good News of God’s kingdom. We are active in hosting revivals, conferences, life coaching meet-ups and supporting missions that make a difference in lives of many. We take time to invest in our local communities – “BackYard Ministries” and community development programs. Solid Rock Cathedral of Faith Church is working to be a hand to reach out, help and encourage believers and witness to non-believers about the love of JESUS CHRIST.

God-honoring worship is something we strive for. Many church members get involved in our music and video ministry. Some play their instruments. Some are vocalists. Others work to train youth to play instruments. These volunteers are an important part of the ministry of Solid Rock Cathedral of Faith Church, using their talents and gifts to glorify GOD.   Join our mailing list.  Click here for more information.
Staff: Deaconess A. Jackson, In Training

Children Church- Offers the complete experience of church by developing faith in children and teens by depositing the Word of God in creative ways that would encourages them to make right decisions based on biblical principles.
Deacons: A. Jackson, M. Washington & E. Torrian – In Training

Children’s Statistics Training – A ministry that provide Teens with the knowledge of God, to share His plans for our lives, and support each other as we grow.  Click here for more information.
Staff: Deaconess A. Jackson, In Training

Clothing Drives- The intent of the ministry is to provide essential clothing items to needy families, especially children preparing for and attending schools. The team gathers clothing, repair and prepare for shipping. This ministry reaches out to communities in the underserved communities in California and outside the state.
Staff: Minister S.  Washington

Homeless Support – Services are provided by various local support services.  We looks for agencies offering beds emergency shelter to help restore dignity and self-respect and empower guests – poor, underserved and homeless individuals and families. For more information contact our offices directly.

Nursing Home
We provide spiritual care not only for those who reside in care centers but also for those who are employed by the facilities.

Journey- is an outreach ministry that offers services to nursing homes and in home care that support varying levels of care in a centralized location.  Team(s) visit residents room by room  providing encouragement, prayer, and communion.  The goal is to glorify God by taking His Word and His love to these facilities.
Staff: Sr. Chaplain K. Baldwin 

Dove – is an outreach ministry that offers services to nursing homes that host a worship service for residents.  Team(s) provide worship, mini sermons, prayer, and communion.  Residents that are not able to attend the worship services receive in-room encouragement, prayer and communion.

Membership Support
Couples/Marriage Ministries- is designed to empower and encourage couples with their marriage in Jesus Christ.
Staff: Sis. K.Monero
Sis. K. Joyeux

Ministry Support – Bishop and Pastor Office
Team helps, assists, and gives strength and support to pastoral leadership, delegates, visiting ministers, and the vision and mission of the Church. Work consistently, willingly, be in place to be an aid to leadership and the vision of the Church. Either Adjutant or Ministry Support.
Sis. G. Pemberton 

AV / Sound Ministry 
The AV Ministry is responsible for capturing photos, videos and audio elements of SRCOF’s activities. Videographers, photographers, video and audio editors are needed. We provide training on digital still cameras, video cameras and editing equipment. Assignments are flexible and vary based on the Church’s activities for the month
Youth: Bro. D. Monero, Jr. Deacon

Financial Training– An interactive training section covering topics that include financial goal setting, creating a spending plan, relating over money, investing, debt management, and more.

First Time Renters’ Program – This training was developed to address the questions and concerns of renting for the first-time, as well as experienced and student renters who want to pursue their next rental the right way. We address the common snares of renting, the questions to consider when entering the rental market, and how to identify and avoid rental scams — a crime first-time renters are particularly vulnerable to.

Mid-Week Service– Our mid-week service offers our church an opportunity to express our praise and worship to God in Psalms, and to receiving encouragement from the Holy Scriptures.

Ministerial Classes– Ministerial training is comprised of ceremonial education for outreach, communion and other key Church activities. Leaders are asked to learn procedures that reflect the mission and vision of the Church and support community connectedness.

Noonday Prayer– A collective prayer of the saint to seek God for direct, continual development of intimate relationship with Him and give thanks for an abundant life in Christ Jesus.

We have developed a host of ministry programs that are supported by our Ministers, Deacons, Chaplains and Church Mother Board.

Deacons: Head Deaconess D. Kizer, Deacon A. Washington, Jr.
Deacon In Training P. Torrian